The Shed 5 trusted network for professional couriers

Courier and haulage work on the Shed 5 exchange

Most Shed 5 members like to allocate work direct to other members they know, and you will soon get to know other members around the country and start picking up extra work.

Overspill and out-of-area work is advertised on the exchange and is open to offers, and the list on the right shows some recent work advertised.

How to get the work

First you have to be a Shed 5 member, and you have to provide a copy of your current goods in transit insurance and your motor insurance which covers courier or "H&R" use. Then when you get an alert for a load, or you see one advertised that you are interested in, just contact the other member and make your offer. All arrangements are between members and Shed 5 does not get involved — and there's no commission!

Types of work available

These are the most common types of delivery for work listed on Shed 5.

Shed 5 does not have “GTMs” marked as “hotshots” or “backloads” that you might have seen on some older style exchanges.

The member who advertises a load describes the type of delivery, what size vehicle is needed, and any other relevant details, and you decide whether you want to make an offer, and what price to offer.

Work for your vehicle

Shed 5 members have all sizes of vehicle, from bikes to artics.

These are the most common sizes of vehicle required for work listed on Shed 5.

You can of course take work for a smaller vehicle than the one you have, if you are happy with the agreed price.

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