The Shed 5 trusted network for professional couriers

The Shed 5 exchange

The Shed 5 exchange for couriers and hauliers is the place for transport professionals to trade work. With careful membership checks and full insurance checks on every renewal, Shed 5 will give you confidence that you are dealing with bona fide couriers and transport businesses.

What it is

This is a “trade” freight exchange, and can only be used by couriers and transport businesses. The Shed 5 exchange is for members to advertise overspill and out-of-area work, and our advanced load matching system sends instant alerts to tell other members about it.

Our members also use the Shed 5 exchange to show they are available for both outbound and backload work, so they can be found by other members looking for a suitable vehicle.

...and what it isn't

The Shed 5 exchange is not a “reverse auction” site. It does not list hundreds of jobs and it does not have online auction-style bidding. Most of our members are owner driver businesses and they prefer to exchange work direct with other members they know and trust through their contacts on “The Shed” — and you could be one of those contacts!

How it works

meet Wilma

The core of the Shed 5 exchange system is Wilma (Web-based Intelligent Load Matching Assistant). Wilma works by taking the details of available work as it is listed, and finding suitable members to send instant alerts to.

And Wilma uses sophisticated web-based technology to keep track of changes to loads and availability, to give members the best chance of connecting for every opportunity.

You set your own preferences for the types of work and areas you are interested in (including your own “hotspot” areas and vehicle locations). You can choose to receive either free email alerts or SMS text messages to your mobile phone.

When you receive an alert for work you can contact the other member direct and offer to take it. All arrangements are between the two members and Shed 5 does not get involved.

and Pebls

Pebls is the Predictive Entry Behaviour Learning System, another purpose-built component of the Shed 5 exchange which speeds up your use of the system. Pebls works by remembering your preferences and previous choices to cut down the work you have to do, whether you are browsing the list of loads, searching for members, entering your vehicle details or advertising your work.

The technical details

These are the important technical details about the Shed 5 system...

The Shed 5 exchange system runs on the Shed 5 web server in a data centre in Manchester, with ample power, capacity and bandwidth to ensure a fast reliable service at all times.

All the software for Shed 5 has been purpose-built and is maintained in-house. This means we can react quickly to problems and new requirements, and system changes or upgrades can usually be carried out on Sundays to avoid interruption to service.

The Shed 5 exchange can be used on any PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or plain old mobile phone (with a browser and internet connection). It is completely web-based so does not need any apps, downloads or software to be installed on your computer or phone.

The user interface is designed to adapt to all sizes and types of browsers, including portrait screens and touch-screen devices when used with fat fingers!

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