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What is Shed 5?

Shed 5 is the trusted network for professional couriers and hauliers. Members have free use of networking tools and the freight exchange, free advertising, a directory of fully insured members, interactive maps and mobile web app.

How is Shed 5 different?

Shed 5 is owned and run by me, Mike George. I am an ex-owner driver and I have been a member of the “big” exchange sites, and I run Shed 5 the way an exchange should be run.

That's why there are no freight forwarders and no phoenix companies on Shed 5.

And it's why Shed 5 is the only exchange which checks GIT and H&R insurance, not just when you register but every year when your insurance is renewed — and there is no charge for these checks.

What does membership include?

Your membership includes full use of the Shed 5 site, including:

  • members-only forum
  • free advertising on Shed 5 pages
  • listing your load details
  • listing your availability
  • email alerts for new loads

How much does Shed 5 cost?

It is FREE to register, and there are no membership or other charges to pay.

Is membership really free?


You will be asked to provide copies of your insurance documents every year when they are renewed, but there is no charge for checking them and updating your account.

How much work is there?

Not much.

Shed 5 is not the kind of site where you will see hundreds of loads advertised — most members prefer to allocate work direct to other members they know, and you will soon get to know other members around the country and start picking up extra work.

If you are looking for the opportunity to make profitable connections with other transport professionals who have been carefully checked you should join Shed 5.

But if you are looking for lots of job alerts with the chance to bid against other members to drive the price down you should join a different site.

Is there any multidrop work?

There is sometimes multidrop work available through Shed 5, but if you are looking for regular full-time work this is not really the place to find it.

Is there any car work?

You can join Shed 5 if you use a car, as long as it is correctly insured. But Shed 5 is aimed at full-time couriers and is not suitable for 'lifestyle' couriers.

Can freight forwarders join?

If you're a transport company which provides a genuine freight forwarding service (including documentation, trans-shipment etc), and you also run your own vehicles, you will be welcomed. If you are a 'back bedroom' freight forwarder, taking end-user work and farming it out on exchanges, you will not be allowed to join.

How can I contact Shed 5?

You can contact Shed 5 by phone, fax, email, or text message, seven days a week from 7am to 7pm. You will find full contact details on the contact page.

Can the public use Shed 5?

No, Shed 5 is a 'trade-only' network for couriers and hauliers, and it is not open to the public or non-transport businesses.

Do I have to show insurance?

Yes. When you show your insurance to Shed 5 it shows you are a bona fide trading courier, and that you are insured to carry goods for 'hire and reward'.

Are new members checked?

All new members are checked to ensure they are trading couriers or hauliers, with complete and accurate contact details, and to ensure known non-payers and 'phoenix companies' are kept out.

How do I bid for work?

Shed 5 is not a bidding or auction site. When you get an alert, or you see work advertised that you are interested in, just contact the other member direct and make your offer. All alerts include contact details so you can put your offer in quickly.

Where do I send my PODs?

When you work for another Shed 5 member you will be expected to call or text them to confirm as soon as you have done the job, and you will send the paper POD straight to them.

How do I get paid?

All payment arrangements are between you and the other member. Most couriers expect to receive an invoice at the end of the month, and pay within 30 days, but you should agree payment terms with them.

How much will I be paid?

You have to tell the other member how much you want for the job, so you must work out your pricing before you make an offer. Shed 5 members are transport professionals and expect to pay, and to receive, realistic rates — you should not try to get extra work by offering low rates.

Are there 'phoenix companies' on Shed 5?

No. I am very careful to keep out companies who have a record of non-payment, even if they have changed their business name.

Is there a booking/invoicing system?

Shed 5 provides a platform for members to trade with each other, and you use your own business accounting systems as usual, but Shed 5 does have an option to allocate work direct to subbies (even if they are not members) and produce a consignment note/POD and order confirmation.

Can I use Shed 5 on my mobile or tablet?

Yes you can. You don't need any special equipment, just any phone or tablet that can browse the internet, and you will be able to use the full site — to sub work out, to show you are available for work, or to chat on the forum. There is no separate site to log into, and no extra charge for mobile access.

Is there an app?

The Shed 5 web app can be used on any smart phone or tablet. It gives you full access to all Shed 5 features while you are mobile, and helps you find extra work and member locations wherever you are.

Does Shed 5 cover Europe?

Yes, but coverage is limited.

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