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Shed 5 forum rules

By using the Shed 5 forums you accept and agree to be bound by these rules.

These rules form part of the Shed 5 terms of use and you could be banned from Shed 5 for breaking these rules.

The purpose of these rules is to keep Shed 5 forums a civilised place, not to prevent discussion or debate, so any subjects can be discussed in an adult way.

1. dos and don'ts

  • DO join in - the more people contribute the more we'll all get out of it
  • DO try to stick to the topic and add something to what people are saying
  • DON'T use offensive, abusive, racist or sexist language, or post sexual or violent content, or content in extreme bad taste (see below), or post links to other sites with such content
  • DON'T use these forums to promote illegal activity (such as software theft or breach of copyright)
  • DON'T attempt to "name and shame" anybody
  • DON'T make snide remarks or negative comments about another member

2. adult content and swearing

Shed 5 forums are a meeting place for transport professionals. Swearing and sexual references are out of place and are NOT acceptable.

The forums have an auto-censor which removes or replaces swearing.

Do not try to get around the censor by, for example, using symbols or numbers — it is still sw*@ring.

3. bad taste

In general, you have to make up your own mind about whether your posts are in 'bad taste' or might be offensive to other members.

However, any posts or jokes which are deliberately and gratuitously offensive, or which make sick jokes in relation to extreme violence, natural disasters or tragic current news are likely to be regarded as unsuitable for this forum and will be removed.

4. changes to these rules

Any changes to these rules will be announced on the Shed 5 forums.

If you would like to suggest a change to the rules please send me a private message.

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