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Shed 5 terms of use

These are the terms of use for the services provided by Shed 5 UK at

By using this site you accept and agree to be bound by these terms of use.

These terms of use apply to all visitors to and users of the site, including non-human visitors (such as 'bots').

1. the purpose of the terms of use

The purpose of these terms of use is to make it clear what your rights and obligations are in relation to your use of this site, and what my rights and obligations are towards you as a user of this site.

2. acceptable use of this site

This site is provided for couriers and hauliers to use as a freight/work exchange and for networking with other members, and will include information and tools to support such businesses.

You may use any information obtained from this site, or functions provided by this site, for legitimate purposes in connection with YOUR OWN courier or haulage business.

3. unacceptable use of this site

You must not use this site to post loads / work:

  1. on behalf of non-members, or
  2. that you have taken from other freight exchanges or similar sites

You must not use this site to post available vehicles on behalf of other members or non-members.

You must not take work from this site and pass it on to other members or non-members.

You must not use this site for the purpose of harassing members, or attempting to 'name and shame'.

You must not allow non-members to use your login details and password to gain access to this site.

4. use of the Shed 5 forums

The forum rules form part of these terms of use.

The key points of the forum rules are:

  • treat other members with respect
  • make a positive contribution in a professional way
  • no naming and shaming
  • no swearing, sexual content or abusive language

Please see the full forum rules for more detail.

5. full disclosure

You must provide a full and accurate address and other contact information.

You must not try to change your account information to make it more difficult for other members to contact you.

You must not try to hide your true identity, or any association with dissolved companies, or any relationship with other businesses including previous Shed 5 members.

If any of the following apply to you, you must contact Shed 5 admin before you try to register an account at Shed 5:

  1. you or a member of your family have previously been a director of a dissolved company
  2. you have any connection with any business which owes money to couriers
  3. you, or a company you are a director of, have made a voluntary arrangement with creditors

If any of the above applies to you and you do not contact Shed 5 admin before you register, your registration will be rejected.

6. Free membership

The price you pay is for registration and account setup. Your account is free to use (except for the cost of optional SMS credits) as long as you log into it at least once every 6 months.

If you leave it longer than a month without logging in, you will not appear on the member directory or The Courier List. After 3 months you will stop receiving alerts and after 6 months your account will become inactive but you can renew your membership for a further charge. If you leave it longer than twelve months without logging in, your account will be removed from the database.

7. account termination

If you do not comply with these terms of use (including the forum rules) I will usually attempt to resolve the situation amicably with you, but in extreme cases or for repeated breaking of these terms I may terminate your account without notice.

8. no automatic right to membership or use

There is no automatic right to membership of this site, acceptance of your registration is entirely at my discretion.

I reserve the right to permanently deny access to any human or non-human visitor if I consider their activity or access to be undesirable, including, but not limited to, agents which do not obey directives in the site's robots.txt file or other bot directives.

9. limitation of liability

I provide the services on this site in good faith, and I carry out all checks (such as checks on suitable insurance cover) with extreme care, but any transactions or business arrangements you enter into with other users of this site are between the parties involved and I cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or any consequences arising, financial or otherwise.

10. harvesting information from this site

You must not harvest, gather, store, or transfer to a third party, email addresses, telephone numbers, or any personal information from this site.

11. bots and other non-human visitors

Any non-human visitors to this site will be considered agents of the individuals who control, author, or otherwise make use of them. Non-human visitors include, but are not limited to, web spiders, bots, indexers, robots, crawlers, harvesters, or any other computer programs designed to access, read, compile or gather content automatically.

Any bot which does not provide complete and accurate user agent information to show its name and origin will be regarded as undesirable and will be permanently excluded from the site, regardless of its purpose, intent or actual activity.

12. changes to these terms of use

Any changes to these terms of use will be announced on the Shed 5 forums.

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